Our brands.

We believe in the power of plant-based food. It’s health, vitality, and a range of remarkable scents and flavors. Our product lines were developed with your health and the health of the planet in mind.

It’s a brand for consumers like you – prioritizing a healthy diet based on fresh vegetables and kitchen solutions that make preparing meals a pleasant experience.

The Primavega brand looks to encourage consumers to explore the full breadth of flavors and scents offered by the vegetable world. Let yourself be surprised and charmed by the remarkable diversity of available products. Every day can bring a new, fresh discovery.

The brand also offers high-grade product supply services. We’re open to the needs of HoReCa customers, and guarantee on-time delivery, effectiveness, and precision. With us, your fruit and vegetable supplies will always reach you fresh, crisp, and full of flavor.

Product categories.

Designing new product lines and categories, we’re always looking to improve your wellbeing. The goal is to attract the customer using taste, color, texture, and composition. We draw inspiration from the natural environment, which is why our products are bound to surprise you in myriad ways.

Fresh vegetables

  • Lettuces

    Rediscover fresh lettuces! Embrace their potential and tap into a variety of unique compositions of flavors, textures, and aromas.

  • Vegetables

    Rekindle your love for vegetables and let them remake your everyday meals. Veggies offer a variety of opportunities for new and exciting culinary journeys.

  • Baby leaves

    Appealing and flavorful. Baby leaves will add much-needed color to meals and sandwiches. Grab a bag today!

Ready products

  • Cut vegetables

    A perfect base for a meal – with a range of vegetables and available cuts, you can mix and match however you like.

  • Salad mixes

    A variety of salad mixed – pre-washed, cut, and selected to offer a balanced composition of color and flavor. Mix and match.

  • Baby leaves

    Delicate leaves of spinach, arugula, kale, and cornsalad – the perfect base for salads and hot meals.

  • Veggie mixes

    A meal in just a couple of minutes? Easy peasy, especially with a fresh veg mix for a base. Selected and pre-cut, they’re an excellent base for soups, one-pan dishes, and smoothies.

  • Cold meals

    Some greens, some toppings, and a nice dressing – the perfect solution when you’re really hungry, but have little time to throw together a tasty, healthy meal.

  • Hot meals

    Would you like to try some foreign cuisine? Check out our hot bowl lineup. It’s groats, pastas, with lots of veggies and spices thrown in.

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We offer products of the highest quality.

In designing valuable product lines for you, we rely on highest-quality resources. All the vegetables and fruits we use are sourced only from certified domestic and international suppliers. Audits help us guarantee that their farms meet all the requirements and norms in terms of fertilizer use, pest control, and irrigation.

The safety of the food products we offer is paramount. Our labs run a meticulous evaluation regimen for our vegetables. We also test the water used for irrigation and processing. 

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