We are green.

Green Planet.

We care for the environment.

We know that the decisions and efforts of today shape our shared tomorrow. Our commitment to growth helps us look boldly to the future. Our secret to delicious plant-based food involves a carefully maintained environment, clean air, and stable weather conditions. Nature is absolutely fundamental! Which is why we are so committed to limiting our negative impact on the planet. 


How do we care for the planet?
  • By using regenerative farming solutions.
  • By implementing circular economy principles.
  • By limiting our greenhouse gas emissions.
Limiting our negative environmental impact.

We’re currently implementing a range of solutions designed to help us strike a balance between farming output and environmental needs. We employ agricultural practices as well as production and logistical processes that keep our negative impact on the environment to a minimum. 

We consciously utilize natural resources. And a portion of our fields has been set aside for organic farming. 


Our goals

Green Products.

Quality first.

We need to be sure that the plant-based products reaching your table are nutritious, fresh, and safe to eat. Only that guarantees a fully enjoyable meal. Which is why all the vegetables we offer in our products are certified – both those we grow ourselves and those we source from external suppliers. 


Quality control and safety are our priority.

The products we offer must maintain a consistently high quality. Our strict control regimen begins even before the plants are harvested. We also check all the vegetables and readymade products before they reach the shelves and the customers. 

Our farming, production, storage, and transport efforts have all been certified. 


Our goals.

Green Partnership.

Ethics is key.

Nothing is more important to us than our staff, our partners, and our customers. We want them to feel taken care of and appreciated, and want our relationship to be productive and comfortable. Which is why we pay so much attention to our company culture. Driven by respect and ethical practices, we base our business partnerships and relationships on a solid foundation enabling an ethical, transparent, and sustainable supply chain. 

What’s important to us?
  • Respect in the workplace
  • Confidentiality and personal data protection
  • Responsible production
  • IT security
  • Ethics in business
  • Sustainable growth
Our suppliers.

Green Team.

Green Balance.

Our ability to tap into our staff’s potential and their capacity for growth has been one of the key drivers of our company’s success. We promote teamwork and a professional culture built on mutual respect, kindness, openness, and communication. 


How do we care for our team?
  • By focusing on employee growth.
  • By prioritizing a safe work environment.
  • By measuring and working to maximize job satisfaction.
  • By emphasizing respect and kindness.
We promote healthy work environments.

We want our employees to stay with us for the long run, and avoid high turnover. Which is why we foster a range of initiatives that aim to meet their needs and expectations. We work to raise environmental awareness and support charity efforts. 


Our goals.

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