We spare no effort on improving our relationships with customers, and we’ve found that it’s being ready to listen that makes the difference. We offer a tailored approach to every customer – this allows us to better understand each other, respond to their needs, and meet their expectations. 


Grocery chains
Grocery chains

We’ve been working with grocery chains since the very beginning – that is over 25 years now. We have extensive experience, and the longterm relationships we’ve built over the years only prove that we are a trustworthy partner. With a number of partners, we’ve even developed original custom brands.  


We help our HoReCa customers (including restaurants, bars, gas stations, and catering companies) deliver on their promises. We supply a range of fresh vegetables, which they use as a base for their tasty original meals.  



We also offer our products to B2B customers. Responding to individual customer needs, we join forces to deliver tailored solutions. 


Multidimensional cooperation

Reading customer needs.

Not only products and offers, our relationships with customers also include joint efforts to come with solutions. Such an approach helps us remain flexible and respond to individual customer needs. We’re open to novelty and your suggestions. 


Individual meetings.

Every customer gets a personal touch. We meet up to discuss needs and select appropriate solutions. We know that the end consumer is the most important – to us and our clients. 


Inspiring workshops.

Our cooking studio is a true think-tank for unconventional ideas and inspirations. This is where we join our clients to cook up new and interesting flavors, compositions, and solutions.

Market research.

Consumer feedback is very important to us. We want to know that we’re meeting expectations. Which is why every new product concept goes through a battery of qualitative and quantitative tests. 


Bringing products to market.

Working together with customers, we bring their original products to market. Our company provides comprehensive support – from production to cold-chain logistics.


We’ve earned the trust of many.

For years, we’ve been rising up to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers on the market. Just like in every relationship, each day we get to know one another a little better, and learn to better respond to our needs.  


Let's talk.
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