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Modern warehouse and production facilities

The Green Factory initially engaged in the production and sale of fresh vegetables. Since 2006, following the dynamically developing convenience products market, it has expanded its product range with fresh, washed and cut vegetables under the Fit & Easy brand, and since 2015, the company has focused exclusively on Ready to Eat products, gradually expanding its assortment with new product ranges, including private label products.

The production of fresh, washed vegetables takes place in five plants in four countries in CEE.

Our clients are the largest retail chains, as well as the traditional market and HoReCa  industry (e.g. McDonald’s).

Green Factory is part of the Green Holding Group.
Within the group there are companies specialized in particular areas of the company:
– Green Factory – production of fresh, washed vegetables and ready meals, Poland
– Fino Verde – production of fresh, washed vegetables and ready meals, Ukraine
– UAB Salprone – production of fresh, washed vegetables and ready meals, Lithuania
– K&K Family – production of fresh, washed vegetables and ready meals, Hungary
– Primavega – traditional cultivation and sale of unwashed vegetables
– SVI – Smart Vegetables Innovations – hydroponic cultivation
– Green Factory Logistics – transport and domestic logistics
– GF Trans – international transport
– Green Factory Bronisze – sale of fruit and vegetables on the traditional market
– Green Business Centre – shared services center

Company’s Mission

Our mission is to develop in the field of production, co-packing and distribution of the highest quality standard products.

We do it in an eco-friendly way, in line with the quality policy and HACCP system which meets the Clients’ needs and ensures constant utilization and maximization of employee’s potential.

Quality & Certificates

Our company’s objective is to increase customer satisfaction, and it is achieved through work in accordance with the HACCP food safety standard and an integrated quality management system. We meet high quality requirements in terms of production, sales, distribution and customer service.

It is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner, in line with the HACCP quality standard, to meet the needs of our customers and to ensure the continuous use and improvement of our employees’ potential.

We have implemented and we maintain and work in accordance with the GMP, GHP, GLP and HACCP systems and IFS, FSSC 22000, SQMS, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards.

We are modernising existing technologies to bring it to the changing market preferences.

We take care if the cultivations made by our suppliers were carried out in accordance with the GLOBALGAP system and Good Agricultural Practice.

Taking care of the Environment

All the activities of our company are carried out while taking care of the environment. We take steps contributing to its improvement and rational use of natural resources. In the production process, we use environmentally friendly technologies, which helps to reduce factors poisonous for water, air and soil.

  • our plants have been equipped with vacuum solar collectors, thanks to which we get warm water, necessary in the process of vegetable processing,
  • for washing machines with warm water we use heat from the recovery systems installed in the engine room of the refrigerant,
  • thanks to heat recovery, we have managed to reduce gas consumption by about 80% in boiler rooms and thereby reduced emissions of exhaust fumes and greenhouse gases,
  • we have our own sewage treatment plant and we work with recyclers, so our packages are segregated and processed for re-use. The effect of this type of action is to reduce waste to a minimum.

Food Safety

To ensure food safety:

  • we use raw materials derived exclusively from certified domestic and foreign suppliers,
  • we carry out audits of raw materials suppliers. The purpose of these inspections is to confirm the compliance of the crops with the requirements set out in the systems to guarantee the safety of the crop (fertilizing, plant protection and irrigation systems),
  • we carry out laboratory analysis, both locally and using the services of accredited laboratories, covering a broad spectrum of microbiological and physic-chemical parameters, which determine food safety, as well as the safety of water used for irrigation and processing,
  • we have implemented and certified systems in processing plants – FSSC 22000, IFS, SQMS, ISO 14001.

Culinary studio

The Fit & Easy culinary studio is located in the headquarters of the company in Zdunowo.

It is a place for meetings, conversations, inspirations, the search for new flavours and ideas for innovative products.

The studio is full of life, hosting culinary workshops with employees, bloggers and journalists, under the watchful eye of chefs.

For the R&D Department, it is an inspirational place where new products are prepared and tested.

The Green Land – culinary and educational workshops for students and teachers

“The Green Land” is our own unique nationwide project, designed to educate the young generations about a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition in line with the guidelines of the Food and Nutrition Institute. The project was initiated by Green Factory and Jeronimo Martins Polska.

The Institute of Food and Nutrition is the substantive content partner of the campaign.

Consumption of unprocessed vegetable foods (vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds) is beneficial for health, and a proper diet helps prevent civilisation diseases. During the workshops, children learn proper eating habits, which in the future will result in good health and well-being.

Project goals:

  • Nutrition education and promotion of healthy lifestyles among children and teachers
  • Promotion of a balanced diet
  • Prevention of obesity
  • Shaping correct eating habits through fun, including increasing the consumption of fresh vegetables among children

Project outline:

  • The project is being implemented in several cities in Poland and is aimed at primary school students in the 4th grade
  • Participation in the project is free
  • The workshops are conducted by qualified dieticians
  • Organisers provide the products and accessories needed during workshops
  • Children who have food allergies can also participate in the workshops – it is enough to inform the organisers of the situation in advance
  • The workshops take 90 minutes – they include a kid-friendly, interactive theoretical part, discussing the most important principles of healthy nutrition, and a workshop part, in which children prepare healthy meals from recipes provided under the supervision of dieticians
  • The workshops conclude with a summary of the course and a quiz to consolidate the knowledge acquired.
  • The children are given leaflets which present the principles of healthy eating in an accessible way

More information at www.zielona-kraina.com

Workshop schedule:

  • Theoretical part
  • Interactive – engages the students
  • Overview of the Healthy Food Pyramid and the 5 keys to a healthy diet
  • Questions
  • Practical part
  • Preparation and tasting of healthy salads, fruit and vegetable cocktails, sweets and other meals prepared from the recipes provided
  • Consolidation of knowledge and summary of the course
  • Quiz